Solar C-PACE

Solar PACE: A complete financing solution for solar and storage. 
The benefits of ownership: Up to 30% back in tax credits

Solar Financing Product Comparison:

BenefitsPACEPPAHybrid C-PACE PPALoan
No Money Downavailableavailablexavailable
No Credit Impactavailableavailablexnot available
No Property Owner Guaranteesavailablenot availablexavailable
Terms Up To 30 Yearsavailablenot availablexnot available
Defer First PaymentUp to 18 months1Up to one monthxnot available
Federal Tax Credit30% Solar ITC, if eligiblenot availablex30% Solar ITC, if eligible
Transferabilityavailable2might be availablexmight be available
OwnershipProperty OwnerThird PartyxProperty owner

1 Subject to underwriting guidelines and approval; deferral of first payment depends on the date of funding; interest accrues during the entire deferred payment period.

2 PACE payments are incorporated into and repaid by you as part of your property taxes which are legally transferable upon sale; however, some mortgage lenders may require full repayment of the special tax upon sale.


Claim Your ITC Finance 100% of your new solar system and you may receive up to 30% of eligible project cost back from the federal government through your Solar ITC.

Example: Purchase a $100,000 solar system and claim your Solar ITC (if eligible, in this case up to $30,000).

No Pre-Payment Penalty For Solar ITC

Lowest Payment Option Use your Solar ITC, if eligible, to reduce your overall project cost up to 30%, and enjoy lower payments.

Example: Purchase a $100,000 solar system and apply your Solar ITC (if eligible, up to $30,000) to your loan amount with no pre-payment penalty, reducing your amount financed and your annual payments.

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