Eligible Property Types

Highly Effective Financing for Upgrades and Development of Most Commercial Property Types


Positive Cash Flow in Year 1
Efficient Financing for Required PIP’s
Pass Costs to Guests
Capital at a Lower Cost than Debt or Equity

Multi-Tenant / Retail / Industrial / Office

Positive Cash Flow in Year 1
Ability to Pass-Thru Financing Can Eliminate “Split Incentives”
Capital at a Lower Cost than Mezzanine Debt or Equity


Freddie Mac and FHA Enabled
Prepayment Options
Effective Financing for Common Area Retrofits

New Construction / Major Renovation

Fills Gaps in the Capital Stack
Reduces or Need for “Value Engineering”
Facilitates Green Building Certifications

HASRE is partnership between Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate and Hannon Armstrong.